Who can apply?
Membership is available to residents of any Province or Territory of Canada.

Visitor Fees
Full members with KGAC RSO status are entitled to access anytime during lease operation hours. Associate members, Lease access Saturday & Sunday only, $25.00 per visit fee. Associate members and full KGAC members that have not been trained as a KGAC RSO, may visit the lease when a KGAC RSO is scheduled to be present.

Existing member renewals
Renewals begin in October and are due in the club's mailbox no later than December 31 for the next year. Late renewals will not be accepted. Members that renew late may re-apply as a new member, which will include being sponsored by an existing member of no less than two years and payment tof the full application fee.

Questions about becoming a member?
Please refer to our Consolidated Range Rules & Operation Rules. Answers to almost all questions about our facility are covered in this document.

Associate membership *
Cost: $125 per year
Initiation fee: $50

*Associate members, Lease access Saturday & Sunday only, $20.00 per visit fee.

Full membership requires the sponsorship of an existing member that has been with the club for longer than 2 years. For information on full membership, please contact a member that is known to you or contact the club through our contact page for executive sponsorship information. We encourage those interested in becoming full members to start with an associate membership and get to know some of our members at our lease, this interaction can lead to future sponsorship.