PAL Courses

KGAC does not offer Possession and Aquistion Licence (PAL) instruction or firearms training to non-members.

The individuals below are are certified, approved and qualified Canadian Firearms Instructors. To acquire a Possession Acquisition Licence (PAL) for Non-Restricted and/or Restricted Firearms, contact any of the listed instructors below.

M-J. (Mark) Nussbaumer, CD
Calgary, AB
Serving: Calgary/Bragg Creek/K-Cntry/Bow Valley

Chris Worobets
Banff, AB
Serving: Banff/Canmore/Bow Valley

Marc Gath
Exshaw, AB
Serving: Exshaw/Canmore/Bow Valley
Huw Jeffries
Cochrane, AB
Serving: Cochrane/Calgary/K-Cntry/ Bow Valley

Downloadable Resources:

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Student Guide - PDF (Manuals)
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